Nov 042014


I have a multitude of things to be thankful for . . . and I am. Yet, for this month I want to really keep our focus on not just feeling thankful inside. I want us to make a habit of letting others see how thankful we are for what God has done.

Hmmmmm . . .

How would I do that?

I’ve got it!

I made a different graphic for each day featuring a verse from God’s Word on thankfulness. Since I don’t hang anything on our refrigerator, this is a noticeable spot in our home and that is where I will display our verses.

Now, how will I motivate the kids and us to memorize the verse of the day?

Ah ha!

Food always does the trick. For each verse you memorize you get one vote for Friday night dessert.

It was a hit! And, now, one year later, we are repeating this and once again the graphics will grace the fridge.

Want to join us?

Here’s a link for you to print 24 thankfulness Bible verse graphics as the one pictured above.  By the end of November you will have added another 24 verses to memory to help you remember to be thankful all year round  :)


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