May 272015

Slide1 In Part 1 we saw that in Malachi God clearly intends marriage to be a life-long commitment because if your marriage breaks down, it sounds like your relationship with God breaks down.

And to make that happen we have to be proactive and play defensively – rather than offensively. As I prayed over ways that Satan can creep into a marriage it dawned on me that the ones moms struggle with the most are the same areas that you struggle with.

And, years ago I wrote books to help you in each of these areas. So, instead of redoing what I’ve already done, here I’m going to outline each of these common stress points and then give you the opportunity to look at what I’ve published about it. They will be books, audios, and videos.

So, if you are offended by a blog that attempts to meet it’s expenses by offering things for sale, skip this one.

And, if any of these things sound like they would be a blessing to you in your home, then know, that what you purchase blesses us too.

We have to actively look for places that the water could seep into your marriage. Things like:

  • Frustration and the resulting stress that it brings. Let’s go over some of the most common areas of stress for mom . . .

Are your children driving you nuts? Do they bicker? Do they obey? If the answer is “yes” then get going on your child training. YOU can fix this so that your children bring you joy.

  • Or is it your teens? Do you not understand them? Or, do they think you don’t understand them? Your relationship with your teens can be thrilling or it can be more similar to a dentist’s drilling . . . grrrrr.

Once you have identified and worked on the areas that are stressing you out, then begin purposely . . .

Allow me to pause here and say, that “purposely” is not just thinking about it, intending to, or planning on doing it later. Purposely is taking action right now. Intentionally committing to do something about it means that you deliberately put into place a plan of action. Do it now and get going.

Slide4 Now, once you have identified and worked on the areas that are stressing you out, then begin purposely building stronger, taller, deeper walls of communication and commitment. Walls strong enough to give our relationship protection from temptations.

Make your marriage flood proof. Massive walls, tons of sandbags, and a strategic defensive position are needed so you can build and enjoy a marriage that is flood proof.

Remember, it’s not just for you and your husband.

History repeats itself.

Our precious children that we love so dearly will absolutely be affected by our marriages.

They are watching. They are learning.

And they are very likely going to repeat what they see.

What are you teaching today that you will see tomorrow?

How To Build a Flood-Proof Marriage ... part 1

How To Build a Flood-Proof Marriage … part 1

  “The wise man built his house upon the rock . . . The foolish man built his house upon the sand . . . The rain came down and the floods came up, The rain came down and the floods came up. And the house of the LORD stood firm.” Floods are scary things.

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A Mother’s Day

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