Jul 242014


Yesterday I hated my hair.

All day long.

And, of course, we were busy from first thing in the morning until bedtime.

I had plenty of time to remember how I don’t like my hair.

I have naturally curly hair. The kind that every hair dresser tells me,

“Women pay good money for hair like this.”

On days that I am feeling less than content I say,

“I’d pay them to take mine.”

Now, most days I blow my hair dry, straightening it as I go. Then I curl it the way I like it.

That morning I had just washed it and let it dry. That’s why I didn’t like it.

While I was getting ready for bed last night I was shocked to realize that not one person had commented on my spiral curls.

No one noticed my subpar hair . . . except me.

I wasted a whole day not liking something that only bothered me.

As I asked the Lord to forgive my silliness I remembered my true goals. The ones that really matter to me. The ones that really matter to my Saviour.

Ladies, contrary to what the world may teach, our purpose in life is not to one day arrive at our graves in an attractive and well preserved body with hair fixed just the way we like it most.

We have a higher calling than looking good on the outside.

God’s ultimate goal for our lives is to transform us into women that look, think, and act as much like Jesus as possible until He takes us home. In short, He wants us to look good on the inside. (Romans 8:29)

Now this may seem tough, especially when life gets a little “hairy” . . . ahem . . . (pun intended).

But if we love Him we can rest content that nothing happens to us without His okay.

There is no bad luck, illness, injury, or bad hair day that He did not ordain. Even things that seem horrible, painful, and unfair, are things He uses for our good.

It is in overcoming these we see His strength at work in us. Without them our lives would be like a completely smooth, flat and straight, road . . . going nowhere.

God allows things into our life that will bring us to the end of ourselves where all of our experience, and our talent, our wisdom are useless in getting an answer.

God brings us to this moment of total helplessness, not so we would give up, but so we would give over the controls to Him totally, unconditionally.

There is no condition God can do more with than when we admit our helplessness. Because once we are out of the way, we can see what God can do!

To move ahead in life we must forgive the people who hurt us, betray us, and break our hearts, for they too are vessels in His hand.

Any lingering bit of bitterness never remains stagnant. It will grow and then wound the one who holds it.

Bitterness cannot be aimed at the person we want to retaliate against. It has a mind and strength of its’ own and aims itself straight at our own heart.

Instead, focus your energies into gratitude for Him who made you.

Appreciate every moment – even on bad hair days – and one day let’s fall into our graves with confidence that everyone we love knows we love them, our bodies thoroughly used up, totally worn out from doing what we were supposed to!


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