Apr 242014

That Moment (1).docx


For me this moment came when I got my driver’s permit. While pulling into our driveway with Daddy beside me in the front and the rest of my family in the back I was so focused on the car so close on my tail, that I pulled in and hit two of our family vehicles with the third family vehicle!

At the time, the worst part was that Daddy made me reverse and “unhook” the cars and then take him on another drive!

Today I see that this was wisdom on his part.

How did my mom show her wisdom that day? She quietly and quickly got herself and my three siblings out of the car.

I love my family!

Share with me YOUR moment…..

Boys and Girls-Slugs and Sugar

Boys and Girls-Slugs and Sugar

“Almost no one believes that women shouldn’t be in the military. At both the Democratic and Republican Presidential debates, the candidates were jumping all over each other saying how women are smart and capable and just as good as men in every possible way and anyone who says different is an ignorant sexist pig.” Conrad 

A Multitude of Counselors

A Multitude of Counselors

Recently a friend’s daughter asked what I thought about a situation she was in. After I shared with her, I got a cold text from my friend, her mother, telling me to let her and her husband do the parenting. Whoa! I had to force myself to take a breath. “Where did that come from?”

Grouchiness - $10 Charge

Grouchiness – $10 Charge

Recently Haley and I were in a children’s resale shop looking with Kristin for some new oufits for an ever-growing, grandson, David. We were delighted with this sign and complemented the owner.  Ladies, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, take the sweet calming, joyous spirit of Jesus with you so that

Save It or Wave Bye to It: Part 2

Save It or Wave Bye to It: Part 2

Selected Just for You From the 2010 Archives   10 Things You Should Ask Yourself… Before Deciding to Save It or Wave Bye to It Part 2  You can read Part 1 with questions 1 – 5 here. 6. Am I hanging on to it out of obligation? Let’s face it, we all feel a