About the Author

In Lorrie Flem’s own words:

“I am a somewhat psychotic mother of eight who wanted to be the ideal mom but was too busy raising my kids. Being Randys rib for more than 25 years you might expect me to be mature, responsible, wise, and dignified. Im not. But I adore my King, love my husband and family, and want to laugh along the way.

We have five boys and three girls. The three big boys are all right-wing, gun-lovin, Carhart clad, suburban hillbilly, pizza-eating machines.

Our three girls and daughter-in-law are Lucy-like shopaholics, country music crazy, Zumba lovers. The last two little monkeys are always-grinning boys who are Daddys shadow and Mommys delight.”

For 15 years  Lorrie  has been publishing the award-winning magazine for homemakers,  called TEACH, which was later changed to Eternal Encouragement.Today Lorrie is the author of way too many books and a speaker known for making you laugh with life-changing godly wisdom.

She has a zany fun-filled heart who desires more than anything else to look more like Jesus and be used by the King in the lives of mothers, speaking words of encouragement, exhortation, how-tos, and real-life help for moms.