The ultimate solution to child safety protection

child-protection-software2The old ways of creativity using the local available materials to make play items is slowly diminishing. Most children prefer to spend time playing games and chatting over the internet. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that they are prone to cybercrime since their level of thinking does not warrant them to discover any suspicious activities.

Chat rooms and internet gaming are weak points in your system which fraudsters can have access to your computer and get your identity to further use the details in their own selfish gains. Children are susceptible to fraud because of their high curiosity levels. They are prone to subscribe to most of the subscriptions, which come as a pop-up window in a bid to get their contact addresses and use the same information to access the network and decode the main program for cyber identity theft.

Using life lock plan to protect your child from suspicious internet activity

Stronger passwords

Do not use predictable passwords, which someone can guess when they have your contact details. In addition, regularly change your passwords and incorporate the different types of characters such that even if a child finds it hard to master. With this, you are sure, as much as the children use your account to access the games, your presence is vital in their internet activities such that for any pop-up window they will have to seek your guidance and of course you will use your logic to ensure whatever internet activity is safe and secure.

Human authentication

Have you ever wondered why we use “captcha” images in logging in to your account? This is a safety measure to ensure there is no fraud activity within your internet systems. Life lock gives you several options as entry methods, activate as many as possible to reduce chances of fraud and cybercrime.

Two process authentication

Have more than one process of verifying your information. Using the Email alone weakens your accounts. The option of using a phone is the best since, you the parent, has to authorize such information. This is a clear indication of detecting fraud for you to contact life lock for prompt action to help restore any damages or secure your system from cyber threats.

Prompt payment of tax refunds

Online tax refunds are other weaker points of your system since it exposes your credit card to yet another network system whose security you may have no control over. Instruct your tax company to pay directly to the account to minimize exposure which may find the kids playing games, a good point for hackers to manipulate your account.

Constant monitoring of your accounts

Be it credit accounts or bank accounts; always have a close monitoring system and have a comprehensive analysis to verify the legality of all your financial transactions. This helps you to detect any unlicensed transactions for timely action from the Life Lock plan.

Life Lock plan helps you to curb identity theft fraud, which has huge financial implications once the hackers have full access to your accounts.

Protect your identity using life lock plan available to guarantee you the safety and protection of your system without denying your children the freedom to enjoy gaming and social interactions over the internet.