Welder’s Helmet for women

A welder’s helmet is a tool use for your eyes. The old notion that welding is for the male gender is slowly fading. The major reason is the fight for gender equity among helmet Heroics. A Welder’s Helmet for women is purely a

Viking Arc Angel helmet

motorcycle gear to help in safety and protection of the head and its internal organs. The high light intensity from the welding machine when in contact with a metal when making the metallic joint is detrimental to the eyes just like the direct sunlight.

A woman pride lies in her beauty; fashion designers understand this phenomenon and add color to enhance the aesthetic value of the helmet. It has also led to different types of helmets to accommodate diversity in taste and fashion. Why wear a helmet in the first place

Safety and Protection

The head houses the brain the engine of the body. Welding is a metal work function if, in a factory, you are prone to falls or even falling objects from landing on your head. A helmet is vital to protect the brain and its internal organs from injury which in most cases they turn fatal when damaged.

In addition, the hard plastic material on the outer lining of a helmet bounces and slides objects allowing your head to be intact in case of an accident. Why is it a policy to have a helmet when anywhere within the factory whether as a worker or a visitor? In fact, for women it


Prevent from the Effect of the Scorching Sun

At times, the high temperatures may hinder your mobility and production levels. The helmet comes in handy as a protection to the sun or even extreme weather conditions like the dust and wind. The hard plastic reflects light making it a thermoregulatory on the outside environment together with the inner lining which also adds comfort to the face which comes into contact with the makeup in women. Although the kind of makeup for a woman welder should be regulated, it should not be a hindrance to one’s career.

weeeeeProvide Comfort

A helmet is comfortable depending on the type. During summer an open helmet is ideal with goggles to allow free circulation of air from the scorching sun during winter, a close-up helmet is paramount to add warmth to the head and enhance comfort to a woman who beats all odds and venture into a male –dominated career.

Save the Eyesight

Without your sight, your career as a welder is doomed. Welding is not a reflex action; it is a career that requires creativity, passion, and keenness to come up with the best designs. A helmet saves your eyes from the high-lighting in welding allowing you to enjoy other tasks away from the machine.

A woman welder adds fashion to the welding designs. Naturally, they are keen and give attention to details having a helmet gives them an upper hand as a safety measure in running the work with ease. She can go to the factory with ease, for she has the courage now that in the case of any fall she is fully protected.