Best Wood Planer for Women

Who said women could not be carpenters. This is a male-dominated industry, and it is becoming clear that women too have a stake. It is this gap in the market that manufacturers found it better to come up with women-friendly woodwork tools. These brands were designed with the idea of women handling wood as they work. Let us look at the planers, which ones are ideal for women.


What makes a good planer ideal for a woman? A planer is one of a dangerous tool which must be handled with care. At the same time, it is upon the discretion of the user to exercise great responsibility when it comes to using a planer. Here are a few tips:

Must be light in weight

It is ideal to get a planer which is light in weight to allow you to move it around with ease. It will make the work of a woman easy because at one point she may need to change its position which might be hard if the machine is bulky. As you move to the shops to purchase one, let the salesperson be aware of precisely what you need but let it not compromise on quality.


Compared to men, women tend to strife to be near-perfect level. At the same time, they may not want to take the risk when it comes to using machines. Let all the bare wires which might cause any electric leakage was sealed with an insulating wire. Moreover, you must ensure the position of the blade is at a height which might not cause any harm.

Less complicated

A complicated planer is risky for a woman especially if she is a beginner. She might try to use the machine in a way that may cause harm. A simple device with straightforward functionality is the best forewoman. If you have to use a compound planer, then you need to have someone to guide you to appoint where you feel you can handle it on your own.


Attractive with a sense of color

Women and beauty are inseparable if you want to work for more extended hours use the power of colors on the machine. You can even get stickers with a theme and stick on the metallic parts as long as it does not compromise on the functionality of the tool. The color is now on the taste of the user.

User-friendly and flexible

A woman has a weak heart to accommodate many inconveniences as a result of a complexity of a machine. A woman should use a tool which will be a source of stress rather than happiness. It should be flexible enough such that one can mount and unmounts at will.

As a woman, you cannot compromise on the safety. You must ensure you follow all the safety precautions to the maximum to prevent any accidents. Besides, you can also try new action on the planer under the guidance of an experienced woodworker when not sure of what it all entails.