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Eternal Encouragement is an online resource for mothers. We encourage mothers to overcome motherhood challenges and bring up loving, independent and respectful kids that contribute to the welfare of the community.

At Eternal Encouragement, we understand the various challenges that mothers encounter on a day to day basis. We also know that no two mothers or kids are the same, meaning no one-size fits all solution can work for all mothers.

The right form of encouragement for one mother may not work for another. For instance, a new mother may need a bunch of flowers and a card with motivational words to welcome her to the world of motherhood. The flowers can work as a source of motivation and inspiration for the mothers.

We also encourage new mothers to find and share their experiences with other mothers. They can learn lots of things from other mothers. Share your victories and struggles with other mothers. Let them know the challenges you’re experiencing to find a solution to your problem.

Moreover, simply knowing that you’re not the only mother experiencing such challenges is enough to motivate and encourage you. As an example, mothers with specific challenges can learn how other mothers who experienced such challenges before overcame them.

We also encourage mothers to love reading. We recommend top authors in this niche to help you become better mothers. Reading existing resources on motherhood and learning from the experiences of others is key to motivating self to being a great mother.

If you know of a hurting mother, you can send her flowers, give her a call or send words of encouragement to keep her going. Mothers also need to set aside time for self away from the kids. This helps you refresh, re-energize and re-strategize, especially when undergoing stress.

It’s also a great way to continue working on personal goals as you play the role of a mother. Consider going on vacations, traveling to new places or simply going out to give yourself a break from everyday life with the kids.

Find something you love doing to engage self during your free times. You can go hiking, walking or picnicking to indulge in nature and rejuvenate. A spa treatment is perfect for mothers.

Also consider facials and massage to relax your mind, body and muscles, to strengthening yourself and overcome obstacles.

Exercise is also a great way to relax the body and mind. Develop an exercise routine to follow to the latter as a way of encouraging and motivating yourself as a mother. You’ll also enjoy the range of health benefits that come with engaging in physical activities or exercise.

Check on the new mothers you know from time to time to ensure that they’re doing fine. The mothers can be your neighbors, friends or even relatives. Offer a helping hand, solution or advice for the problems or challenges they may be experiencing.

You can also buy a mother a beautiful gift to encourage and motivate her. Find out what the mother you want to give a gift lacks or would love. Buy it and give it to them as a form of appreciation for the good work they’re doing.

You can encourage your wife, girlfriend, neighbor, relative or just some random woman to become a better mother. Eternal Encouragement offers you the different ways you can motivate the mothers in your life to overcome obstacles and challenges of motherhood.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Eternal Encouragement is to help mothers overcome the challenges of motherhood. We provide all sorts of encouragement to motivate mothers and help them become better parents.


The aim of Eternal Encouragement is to ensure that all mothers are motivated and encouraged. We help ensure that mothers know what to do in every situation during motherhood. We focus on helping mothers become skilled, loving and possess everything they need to bring up good children.

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