Do It Yourself projects saves both time and money. It also improves on one’s skills which have a further effect on the emotional and psychological satisfaction. As a single mother, there is a lot that needs your attention. At the same time, you cannot afford to compromise on neatness in the home. Time is not an issue for them. One way of reducing boredom in the home is through the woodwork. Although it is a physically strenuous activity and in developing nations it is an industry left for men; there is simple and easy woodworks ideal for them.

If you have no idea on the best fun and easy woodwork ideas then read on to get a different point of view for the best five woodwork projects.

Wood file cabinet plans

A cabinet is furniture that cannot miss in any home. It is multipurpose woodwork that can fit anywhere in the home. When you have tacked your babies to sleep and you have all the time yet you cannot go out. Woodwork is a physical activity that comes in handy to give you a change of tack in a bid to relax. You can do internet research to learn more about the filing cabinet plans.

A simple bookshelf

Are you a fan of reading books? Do you have books at home and have no idea how to store them? If yes, then this is the ultimate choice when it comes to a simple woodwork design. All you need is a simple planer and a few nails for you to fix according to your desire and design..

Wall planter

What of beautification of the home? Wall planter is the modern way in which you can decorate your home. This is something that you do not need someone to hold your hand for you to do it. Your work is just to get multimedia content on the internet on how to create it and within no time you have a makeover on your wall.

iPad holder

We are in a digital world; you need to forget the common phrase at home ”have you seen my phone or tap or iPod or iPad? You can use some of the remaining wood to design a holder to not only store your gadgets but also to declutter your home through the proper cleanup of gadgets on one toolkit.


Have you thought of the best way to deal with candle wax without dirtying your furniture? A simple candle holder is a tool that an aspiring mother can design in just a few hours. It will help you to have a touch of class during a candle-lit dinner that you decide to hold at home.

There are many options when it comes to DIY woodwork projects. The only thing you need to do is to see some of the challenges you may be experiencing at home in terms of storage or neatness and use that to start a project as the ultimate solution.