If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. If you desire something or want to accomplish an objective, you have to be driven and do everything possible to achieve the aim. But what do we do when our resolve or motivation falls short and reaches its limit?  

Childbirth comes with mixed issues. If you were in excellent prenatal shape, bodily changes to your body like increased weight and postpartum tummy are unavoidable after childbirth. Although the mental effects of breastfeeding don’t encourage many mothers to do anything about it, others try to lose this weight by dieting and exercise.

Lots of moms begin this weight loss journey with passion and drive. They adjust their food intake, start exercising, and modify habits substantially.  Sometimes the journey takes more time than anticipated, and due to environmental factors, their purpose keeps shifting.

As a consequence, mothers begin to wonder if they haven’t taken proper or adequate steps to reduce post-pregnancy weight. They begin to try other methods, including monitoring food potions, but their body remains the same. So they begin to ask themselves what are they doing wrong? Or if they will regain their previous shape?

Thus, we get enticed to discontinue and give up. However, if we are well inspired, we can push through these challenges. Therefore, it is pertinent to boost our enthusiasm and spirit so that we can keep moving on until we accomplish our goal. Don’t give up all your previous hard work.

There are a few tips and tricks to help maintain this motivation every step of the way. We will explain why you may not be losing weight, what you can do about it with X encouraging tips. 

First of all, postpartum fat reduction differs from woman to woman. Sometimes you have to do more than exercise and ration food, especially if you have to care for your baby. Use these other tips

1. Be Realistic; Your Body May Be Healing

While the baby was developing, your body burdened itself. Don’t expect all of that to go immediately. Be patient. Don’t liken yourself to others. Imagining yourself with your aim in mind can be motivating. Keep working.

2. Rest a Bit

After observing that your weight reduction incentive is fading, take a break from your diet or exercise plan for a few days. Change some of your habits. You will be on the path again, and your motivation will increase. Try to sleep when your baby sleeps so you can have abundant energy to push through your daily activities.

3. Expose Emotional Difficulties

Although man mothers face emotional issues after giving birth and eat more to find relief, if you can discover the activators, then you can quickly correct your behavior. You can also visit the doctor or psychologist for therapy.

4. Stop Using a Scale

A scale is useful for checking progress, but then some women check their weight too often. Constant measurement helps some people, but for some others, it will drain any motivation they have and make them overthink. Use the scale once a week to check your development.

5. Hush Your Internal Critic

Many of us use self-criticism as a motivational instrument. If used for weight reduction, it will sabotage your efforts. It will activate stress hormones, which leads to longings for fatty and sugary diets. Instead, hug yourself and breathe a few times deeply and change your mindset.

6. Show Gratitude

Whenever you are feeling bored, try body-gratitude. Instead of concentrating on your weight, show gratitude for your body. 

7. Switch Your Exercise Regimen

Try swimming, running, and other exercises that will increase your heartbeat. Use yoga, bridge exercises, and pelvic tilts. Buy an exercise ball; it is good for the tummy.

8. Reconsider Your Consumption Beliefs

We have that feeling when we are pregnant to eat everything. You need to change this mentality when you deliver your baby. Use new rules. Supplement your diet with low-fat dairy food, fruits, lean meat fiber, nuts, vegetables, fish, poultry, and nuts.  Watch your fat and calorie intake by removing chips, sodas from your food.

9. Consider Natural Weight Reduction Supplements and Medicines

Some materials in weight reduction drugs are harmful to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Use natural weight reduction in foods. If you are no longer nursing or breastfeeding, consider using all natural shark tank keto supplements to augment your diet. Also, use natural weight-loss foods.

10. Find Some Company and Support

For support and sympathy, find mothers who are trying to stay fit. With this, you will get what works for others. It will be stress-free if you are working out with other women pursuing the same goal.

11. Try Supplementary Strength Exercises

Strength exercises help to speed up metabolism. Try to do some more in addition to cardio. Half an hour of strength exercises will give your muscles tone and a natural look.


Your weight may not reduce for a while, but don’t give up. Consider joining a support group, whether offline, don’t let the scale deter you, and you’ll achieve your weight loss goal soon enough.