Various studies have reported that cognitive ability, which includes memory and spatial tasks, and verbal skills, tends to vary between men and women. In women, both their cognition and their mood is influenced by estrogen, the primary female sex hormone.

Research suggests that estrogen plays a neuroprotective role in preserving their cognitive function and safeguarding them against cognitive decline. However, women who feel they still need help to improve mental performance should consider using the nootropic supplement OptiMind, which has specifically been designed to enhance cognitive function.

What Is OptiMind?

OptiMind falls under the category of nootropics, which are supplements also known as smart drugs, taken to effectively and safely enhance cognitive functions like memory. OptiMind has been formulated with twelve different compounds, minerals and vitamins that collectively help boost energy, clear the mind, improve focus and memory, mindand support overall brain health

If you are a woman, you will be able to experience all of these cognitive benefits and more by taking one to two OptiMind capsules every day. If you continue to use this nootropic supplement, you will even experience long-term benefits and so far, no side effect has been reported.

What Does OptiMind Contain?

OptiMind was formulated after 50 years or more of neuroscience research. The laboratory in which this nootropic supplement is currently manufactured is GMP certified, which means that every batch that is manufactured happens to be potent and pure.

Primarily, the two most important vitamins that OptiMind contains are vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Other ingredients that are an important part of OptiMind’s formula include Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Caffeine, Calcium, GABA, Huperzine A, L-Tyrosine, Magnesium, Phosphatidylserine, Sulbutiamine, Taurine, and Vinpocetine.

Nearly all of the ingredients that OptiMind contains have a heap of research backing them for their benefits and effectiveness as cognitive enhancers. The company behind OptiMind claims that all of these ingredients will “unleash your mind.’

What Is The Price Of OptiMind?

The price of a single bottle of OptiMind, which contains 32 capsules, is rough $44. If you would rather try OptiMind before actually using it on a regular basis, you may also get 10 capsules for free by opting for their 14-day trial. If you then decide to continue using OptiMind, you will be automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program, which means that a new bottle will be shipped to you every month.

Reportedly, the reason that OptiMind is priced so reasonably, despite containing high-quality ingredients, is because the company does not waste money on marketing rather than raw materials. The company behind OptiMind has its own internal marketing team, so they do not have to charge unreasonably higher prices to turn a profit. Along with GMP-certified laboratories, the company behind OptiMind also has the world’s best chemists working for them.


If you are a woman, you are likely already reaping the neuroprotective benefits of estrogen, which helps preservewoman your cognitive ability and function. However, that does not mean that women will not benefit from taking OptiMind. In fact, using OptiMind can help women further improve clarity, learning, and memory, increase alertness and focus, and reduce stress.

Lucas Siegel, the CEO of OptiMind, has willingly spoken about this nootropic supplement on various online platforms, so there should be no reason to doubt the trustworthiness of the company. If you want to learn more about OptiMind, or any other cognitive enhancing nootropic supplement like the Limitless Pill, visit