Make your life easier by being aware and applying these life hacks. In order to save time, effort and money, we always look for the best and easiest way to do something with the assurance of having a high-quality end product. Efficiency and productivity in our daily tasks will be boosted by knowing that there are ways to make woodworking simpler and less time-consuming.

This list if Do It Yourself (DIY) life hacks will blow your mind. Your problems with tools, drills, and wood will be solved with these techniques and tips.

1. If you have a hard time to pick up nails every time you need one, this tip is for you. Place a magnet on the hammer that you are currently using in order to hold the nails. With this, it makes it easy and quick to capture the nails that you need while working.

2. If you are intending to use the similar color of paint that your paintbrush currently using, cleaning them is going to take time so just put them inside the latex glove and use a tape to be able to seal the opening. It will not harden and will be just stored safely inside the glove.

3. If there are undesired gaps and cracks in your work, just fill them with sawdust combined with glue. Let it dry and your work will no longer have gaps anymore.

4. Sharpen the blade of your knife by the bottom of a ceramic mug. The mug will serve as a sharpening tool or stone to get you the expected outcome.


5. If there is a hole in the wooden wall where a painting or picture frame used to be, instead of buying some hole filling material which costs a lot, just put some toothpaste on it. Let it dry and you are able to paint over it.

6. Accurately drilling a hole with a specific measurement requires a drill press. Without it, things can go west. Luckily, there is a hack in order to measure 90cm. Just pile together 2 pieces of lumber with the other piece sticking up just a bit higher. In this way, it makes a right angle so drill that hole!

7. If you have no clamp and have to stick together pieces of wood, then there is a hack for you. Take 2 pcs. of scrap wood then attach them to the work surface with an added distance apart than the size of the ones being glued. Place the pieces of the wood within the gap, then use 2 wedges in order to fill up the open crack.

8. If you don’t have a drill bit with the correct size for the hole that you’re planning to drill on, you can simply use a nail. Take the right size nail and chop off its head, and then attach it to your drill and it’s done.

These techniques come in handy, especially if you love woodworking. In an additional and separate note, wood slats are great not just in design but also for beds. They are very trouble-free to install and it looks contemporary. It comes with a sturdy quality. Wood slats for queen beds are a must since the slats are the ones sustaining the boxspring.